The shed has two big rooms.
The principal one is the woodworking area which supports the sort of activity most people would associate with a ‘men’s shed’.

There is also a meeting area capable of seating about 30 people. On one side of this is space with computer and photography gear
and there is a well-equipped kitchen.

We can run digital photography, cooking classes and meetings. We have a large smart TV which is connected to a computer using Wi-Fi.

The shed is formally open three days a week.

The shed can also open at any other time if a co-ordinator is available to be open up and be in attendance.

e.g. Three members of the Delphi user group are shed members which allows the group to meet at the shed on the third Monday of the month.

So who else wants to use the meeting space?  Some ideas are:

Metalwork – there are physical problems with anything involving heat (i.e. no welding)
Social Activities
Toy Making
Volunteer work
Health Promotion