Activities (PMMS)

The Peter Mac Men’s Shed compliments a range of wellbeing and peer support programs and services delivered by the Cancer Centre’s Prevention & Wellbeing Department. The shed encourages men to access additional supports and destigmatise seeking help.​

The “Sheddies” work on several projects together, whether they be personal, for the hospitals or for the community. These projects help to develop relationships and contribute to a sense of self-worth, accomplishment, and purpose.  

Each month our Men’s Shed presents a guest speaker who facilitates different topics of discussion during our online Support Group.  These sessions are accessible via Zoom to ensure remote access to this information and support and give our patients and carers an opportunity to learn from experts, see what is happening live in the Peter Mac Shed, meet and connect with other people going through similar cancer experiences and seek support or referrals to services and programs if needed.